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I.... Me.... My mind!!!!!

Too much of role playing in life significantly made me to suspect my originality.

Our compulsion to think divergently makes the wheel of life keep moving!!!

Every millimicro seconds,our "imbalanced"mind forced to think and each thought delivers an emotion, a feeling, decision, and that "thought" of us makes us to deliver an "opinion"about everything related to us in every possible way, rather it should be the other way to look at the world as it is with all its mysteries and secrets, but our mind doesent let us to think that way but it always think in IT'S way!!

And there starts the chaos and confusion!! Our mind is tuned to think and it forcibly forgets to accept the mysteries of life to be revealed by itself , rather it makes us to fight against it and tend to tear its pages by us !!!

Inspite of "I" understand this imperfection of mind but still "doomed to think" that am the mind!!


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